As a busy food stylist, my job is all about being creative and innovative, as well as delivering excellence for my clients. I’m passionate about what I do and I’m working hard to grow my business. However, right from the start it was clear I lacked the know-how needed to run the books and keep my accounts in order.

I’ve always been aware that part of running a successful business is getting the administrative side of things right. But despite my best efforts, I soon realised that I didn’t have the time to research the options available to me. And that wasn’t all. In trying to figure out the best way to organise and manage my accounts, I had less time to focus on giving my customers what they wanted and to develop my creative vision.

Luckily, Mark and his team were on hand to help. They introduced me to Xero accounting software, showing me how to link it to my business bank account, use the software to simplify my books, and submit my VAT returns. Suddenly, keeping my accounts in order felt much more manageable.

Not only did they demonstrate the technical expertise needed to help my business, they did it all with a personal touch, which was invaluable to me. It meant I was kept informed throughout the process, given great advice around my business practices, and had instant answers to my many, many questions. Which is why I can say with confidence that Mark and his team at Mark Broadhead Accountants have saved me a huge amount of time and money.

Now, with my accounts in hand, I can get back to focusing on what I do best – creating masterpieces out of food and making my business a success.