DIY finances work for some people, but not for everyone. That’s the conclusion we reached at CIF Research before we decided to reach out to Mark and his team.

We’re a small team of professional researchers who don’t have the time or expertise to run our accounts. We want to stay fiscally sound, but we also want to stay focused on what we’re good at – building trust with our clients, providing an excellent service, and growing the business.

As market researchers, we love to crunch data, but we’re not so keen on crunching numbers. Luckily, we don’t have to. Mark and his team are invaluable. They run all our accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and tax planning. And everything they offer is tailor-made to our business.

This personal service even extends to Mark attending our management meetings, helping him stay one step ahead of our needs. Working with the team at Broadhead in such a collaborative way means we’re able to make real-time decisions and overcome any challenges based on our most current data. And as I’ve mentioned, we do love working with data…

The way I look at it, I don’t try to service my car at home. I take it to a professional who can fix issues and keep it running smoothly. The same goes for our business’ finances; to keep things in good shape, sometimes you need to call in the experts.

We don’t worry about the finance side of the business anymore, which means we’re able to stay competitive and plan for future growth. In Mark and his team, we feel we’ve found long-term partners who are truly invested in our business.